About VinTel

VinTel believes the best wines are reflective of great land, inspired winegrowing, and an engaged community of thinkers. Sharing information and considering expert opinions are part of what make the strongest wine regions and producers excel. VinTel offers an affordable service that assists wineries seeking commercial and practical input for their portfolio. Where some companies base assessments on critic scoring systems, we employ a 360-degree perspective of a winery’s portfolio that considers sensory aspects, winemaking decisions, regional typicity, and commercial potential.

About Us

VinTel was founded by three friends and Masters of Wine: Ashley Hausman MW, Martin Reyes MW, and Nicolas Quillé MW. In 2021, we launched VinTel to provide producers with a new & efficient way to gain insight into how their wines may be perceived and ultimately perform in the market. Each brings different perspectives and hands-on experience built from a variety of disciplines across many sectors; our expertise spans retail, distribution, importing, winemaking, education, and brand development. All three principals have participated in many of the world’s most prestigious tasting competitions: Decanter World Wine Awards, James Beard Awards, International Wine Challenge, TexSom International Awards, and more. Together, we share a combined 50+ year experience in the wine industry.


VinTel evaluates a winery’s portfolio using a proprietary method for assessing the full experience of the target wines.  We create a concise report summarizing sensory aspects, including production method, regional typicity, and commercial potential. Our customized report makes suggestions for each wine’s best pricing, placement, and route to the marketplace and includes a final brand summary to further guide a client in improving, or in some cases, maintaining their overall brand strength.


    VinTel understands that timely feedback is important when making decisions for your brand. Our clients can expect a report within 14 days of reception of the wine(s) by our panel. This includes the full portfolio evaluation as well as a peer review from a fellow MW team member to ensure you are receiving an accurate summary for your wines. Furthermore, bottles are tasted over 3 days to consider any additional evolution occurring with more time and oxygen exposure. This can often be useful information to reach our final conclusions.


    VinTel believes that shared information and feedback is critical to the success of a brand, but we also understand that a full-service consultant is not always affordable or necessary. We offer these brief reports as a starting point for wineries to make longer term decisions. While VinTel can assist with additional consultancy after the review is complete, we keep your VinTel report efficient, focused, and concise. A single report for one wine is $200. For 6 or more bottles, the rate is reduced to $150 per wine.

    Service FAQ

    Can we use VinTel's feedback publicly?
    Because this is an internal, objective assessment not intended for commercial motives, nor written for a public audience, we request that our feedback not be used publicly. This ensures the strength, objectivity of our assessment, in addition to its validity for your purposes.

    Further, this prevents the appearance of VinTel as being an endorser for payment. Ultimately, all parties benefit from the continuation of public trust in our reputations. If any portion of the assessment is paraphrased or rewritten for commercial purposes, e.g. sensory descriptors to shape a tasting note, VinTel cannot be referenced.

    Are there other services that VinTel provides?
    As of now, VinTel does not provide additional services. The core service is to provide a 360-degree analysis of winery’s portfolio across multiple topics in a succinct, affordable manner. If you believe any part of our analysis requires additional exploration, specific needs can be discussed for an additional consulting fee.
    How is VinTel different from a scoring system?

    First, we do not use a rating system in our evaluation. Second, we assess multiple categories in such a way that do not lend themselves to numerical summaries, such as the commercial potential, competitive set, packaging review, and more. Third, we provide a service for the winery, not the consumer. Lastly, the feedback is meant for internal use instead of public proclamations.

    Does VinTel share your notes or ananlysis with anyone?

    Our assessment is 100% confidential – the winery is the only party that receives our report.

    Are we able to choose a specific Master of Wine?
    VinTel works as a team with at least two MWs evaluating elements of each wine and corresponding report. We decide internally which principal evaluates the wines based on discipline or corresponding expertise in a region or style.
    Does VinTel assess barrel samples?
    We are open to evaluating wines at various stages as early analysis can be useful in blending trials, packaging decisions, etc. Vertical evaluations can also be performed. The specific requests can be discussed to determine necessary consultation beyond core services and fees.

    Thank you for considering VinTel for your evaluative needs.

    VinTel Co-Founders

    Ashley Hausman

    Ashley Hausman


    Martin R. Reyes

    Martin R. Reyes


    Nicolas Quillé

    Nicolas Quillé